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The Program

Helping successful & active business owners & professionals to be Financially Fit For Life.

A Life-Centred, Certified Financial Planner with a passion to help you to get more out of life.

My focus is to help successful professionals & business owners who have a passion for a healthy & active lifestyle to be Financially Fit For Life,  Being Financially Fit means creating the life you want for you and your family & doing the things you enjoy doing for as long as you want to do them.

The main problem that I see is that the central focus of the financial industry is on products, prognostication & performance instead of a focus that puts peoples lives at the centre. A life-centred approach ensures that all financial decisions are in the best interest of you and your family so you can achieve better personal performance & create the best life possible with the money you have.

That’s why we created The Financially Fit For Life- Core Conditioning Program™.  

This unique, Life-Centred approach helps you to:

•   CLARIFY YOUR VISION: We help you to gain clarity around all of your important Personal & Financial Goals including what it means to you to be financially fit for life, and create a specific, written plan to achieve it.  

•  ORGANIZE & OPTIMIZE YOUR MONEY:  Your Financial Fitness Checkup helps you to get the most out of your money with a thorough audit of your complete financial life including:   Investments, Tax, Insurance, Debt, Cash Flow, Estate & Giving. 

•  IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE: We act as your Personal Performance Coach to keep you on track so you can achieve all your important personal & financial goals & ultimately be Financially Fit For Life.

 As a 3X Ironman Triathlete, cyclist, golfer, passionate hockey/baseball dad, I share your passion for being active, regardless of age or stage in life. 

I understand the challenges that you face and am qualified to help you seize opportunities to maximize your financial & personal well-being.

I limit my practice to working with no more than 75-100 client families. I consider them  to be clients for life.

 We created The Financially Fit For Life-Core Conditioning Program based on our experience working with hundreds of clients. We have learned that many people don’t get the most out of their money or their life,  because they haven’t gotten to the core of what they really want.

They may have set some goals and created a plan, but they don’t stick to the plan because it isn’t designed to achieve what they really want.  As a result, they often don’t get the most out of their money or their life, they feel frustrated and disappointed, and ultimately, they don’t achieve what they really want in life.

They end up suffering from The Weak Core Syndrome.


Another major reason people fall short of their potential, be it personal, financial or professional is that they allow obstacles-often self imposed to get in the way.

However, when you get to the core of what you really want, have the commitment, structure & accountability to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way, you will be more likely to create the “right” plan & stick to it.

As result, you will be in a better position to get the most out of your money, and your life.  You will feel more excited and fulfilled, and you will more likely achieve what you really want in life.

That’s why we recommend you do three things:

1. Get to the CORE of what you really want; financially and personally.

2. Create a three-part plan  (personal, professional, and financial).

3. Stick to the plan.

If you want to work on these steps with us, we offer a free 90-minute starter session.  During this session, we will help you assess your current situation and get to the core of what you really want.  We will then decide together if you should join the advanced program to create and implement your Core Conditioning Plan.

We offer our clients two choices: Basic and Advanced. For the Basic service, we can provide you with financial planning and products. Of course, you can get the Basic from many other advisors. However, the Advanced program we created—The Core Conditioning Program™—takes everything to a much higher level and is only available from me, and my team.


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It is important to point out that you don’t need to give up any existing advisors to participate in this advanced program.

We realize that the advanced program is not for everyone.

Our CORE Members:

  • They have a passion for a fit & active lifestyle.
  • Are successful people who are generosity-minded, family-oriented, and down to earth.
  • They are coachable, open to new ideas, and willing to take the time to plan.
  • They are also serious about working on their financial fitness.
  • Many of our top clients are uniquely skilled professionals & business owners.

If this description “fits”, you might be a good candidate for this program.

Download the Starter Session


The Core Conditioning Program™ Advanced Toolbox includes: 

  • The Core Conditioning Program Starter Session (This is a 90 minute in depth, complimentary Starter Session where we discover what’s at your CORE; personally, financially & professionally).
  • Financially Fitness Checkup.  Step on the “financial scale” and get a complete Financial Checkup with recommendations on how to improve your CORE financial condition including:  Your Investments, Your income, Debt, Insurance, Estate & Tax Planning.
  • Download The Financial Fitness Check up
  • Advanced Lifestyle Cash Flow Plan.  Do you feel like you are making a great income but you don’t know where it all goes? Do you feel like you could do so much more with your money if you only knew how?  Would you like to save more money? Pay off your debts faster? Or create a fund for retirement that you won’t outlive?
  • Your Personalized Lifestyle Plan goes far beyond “basic” financial planning to help you to achieve your “big goals” and get more life out of the money that you have.
  • Retirement Accumulation Plan
  • Retirement Income Plan
  • Tax Leak Strategy
  • Insurance & Estate Maximization Plan
  • Progress Review & Implementation Plan:  (You Focus on doing the work that your goals are asking you to do to achieve them, and we hold you Accountable). 

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